Senior Director of Development

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Senior Director of Development (Full-Time) Job Summary: The Senior Director of Development will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive fundraising strategy aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. They will identify new funding opportunities, steward existing donor relationships, and expand the donor base. They will lead, mentor, and expand the development […]

Development Manager

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Development Manager (Full-Time) Job Summary: The Development Manager plays a crucial role in supporting the organization’s fundraising efforts. This position is responsible for managing day-to-day development activities, coordinating fundraising events, maintaining donor databases, and assisting with donor communication and outreach.   LEARN MORE AND APPLY: CLICK HERE!

People and Culture Specialist

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: People & Culture Specialist (Full-Time) Job Summary: The People & Culture Specialist is responsible for working with Highlander’s leadership and the People & Culture Coordinator to support key human resources functions in regards to creating and maintaining administrative processes and records; providing key hiring, onboarding, and off-boarding support; administering benefits; supporting compliance and […]

Bookkeeper/Fiscal Specialist

Bookkeeper/Fiscal Specialist   JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: This position will provide bookkeeping support to Highlander’s Staff. This is a full-time position. The Bookkeeper is a vital team member for accounting and technology work at Highlander. While providing the bookkeeping support that helps maintain well-functioning teams and organizational harmony, this position will also keep up Highlander up to […]

Uganda: Vaccine Apartheid, Linking our Global Struggles: A Collaboration between Highlander and Equal Health’s Campaign Against Racism Chapters In this segment of our As We Re/Gather collaboration with Equal Health’s international chapters of its Campaign Against Racism, CAR’s Uganda chapter lays out the impact of vaccine inequity, Western capitalism, and systemic racism on public health and the livelihoods of Ugandans, with clear calls to action on vaccine access and redistribution of wealth […]

adrienne maree brown and Makani Themba on hope and possibilities

Highlander Board Co-Chair Makani Themba and adrienne maree brown joined us at Highlander’s 2021 Homecoming to bring light and love in a conversation about what is possible in this moment and for our emergence from this historic period of loss and change.

How Grief Shapes Our Work

Highlander Co-Executive Directors Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson and Allyn Maxfield-Steele join in another conversation as part of our As We Re/Gather project, reflecting on how grief shapes our work and is vital to hold and honor in this period of loss and extended uncertainties.  “How do we prepare ourselves for collective grief, and the ways that […]

Reflections from 2020 Organizing in Germany

Hilary Moore and Vincent Bababoutilabo join our As We Re/Gather project in conversation from Germany, sharing reflections on anti-racist organizing in Germany, lessons in organizing amid the pandemic, and global connections in our work coming out of the events of 2020 and beyond.  Hilary Moore is author of Burning Earth, Changing Europe: How the Racist […]