Highlander’s skilled team of popular educators lead programs that support and develop leadership among

  • youth organizers
  • people working to liberate the land from corporate ownership and colonization
  • communities and groups working to build new economies and dismantle capitalism
  • cultural workers and organizers practicing healing justice and uniting art, culture, faith and spirit with social change
  • and movement strategists, historians and storytellers seeking to inform strategies with global learning and lessons from organizing that lay the paths for change we follow and create today.
Seeds of Fire
Economics and Governance
Cultural Organizing
Septima Clark Learning Center
2022 Workshop Series: Threads
Special Projects

Highlander’s programs create spaces for directly impacted people and communities to practice and build skills in the methodologies that root Highlander in our vision of the world we deserve and are building together:

  • Popular Education:  the process of bringing people together to share their lived experiences and build collective knowledge. Popular education learning informs action for liberation. 
  • Language Justice: recognizes language as an essential part of empowerment in collective learning and strategy building. It creates spaces where people from different places, different cultures, and different dialects/languages can come together and understand each other, without forcing people to communicate in a language that is not native to them.
  • Intergenerational Organizing: brings together the collective wisdom of ancestors, elders, young people, and all those in between to envision, strategize, and take action for a better future.
  • Participatory Action Research: recognizes information as power. It is a collective process where people investigate a specific issue or question to inform organizing, strategy, and solutions.
  • Cultural Organizing: celebrates and honors people’s spiritual traditions and cultural expression in the work to shift policies and practices.
  • Land, Legacy, and Place: builds strategies to nourish and tend to our relationships with our histories, places, communities, and environments that support our collective thriving.