• Highlander Co-Executive Director Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson joined the Tavis Smiley podcast Dec. 5 to discuss Highlander’s work and history, the surge in labor organizing and unionization in the U.S. in 2023, how we build hope and courage together, how fascism is impacting our communities and informing organizing strategies of resistance, and more.Listen here.


  • The Chorus Foundation has been an active partner in funding climate justice initiatives in Appalachia, including Highlander’s Appalachian Transition Fellowship, and is setting a transformative example for philanthropy with their decision to spend down their entire endowment over the last 10 years. Ash-Lee joined Chorus founder Farhad Ebrahimi recently in co-authoring an article, “We Need a Strategy for Spending Down“, that addresses multiple considerations in building a multi-sector strategy for social justice funding. The article is also included in an in-depth report recently released by Chorus, “Philanthropy and Power“, that unpacks this work and the path Chorus followed to implement their spend-down strategically.



  • Highlander Co-Executive Director Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson penned a guest column in the Tennessean lifting up the truth and importance of small towns, countering the dangerous narrative of a recent release by country musican Jason Aldean.


  • Candie Carawan is an important anchor in cultural work and intergenerational organizing at the Highlander Center, serving as the Education Coordinator from 1989 to 1999 following many years as a cultural organizer and taking direct action in the Civil Rights Movement. Her experiences at Highlander working alongside her husband Guy Carawan and in the sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement are detailed in a recent feature in the Jefferson County Standard-Banner.


  • Highlander Co-Executive Director Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson is featured among abolitionist organizers in the South in “Abolition Everywhere“, an article by Meghan Krausch examining the determination and success of Southern organizing despite Republican supermajorities in gerrymandered electoral districts.



  • Highlander Co-Executive Director Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson is interviewed in the piece alongside Rep. Justin J. Pearson, Rev. Dr. William Barber II, and others who break down the history of grassroots resistance in the state and the current context that is building power statewide in fights against Right-wing oppression and state violence,Highlander Board Member Makani Themba is an organizer, writer, and strategist based in Jackson, Miss., and currently serves as chief strategist at Higher Ground Change Strategies. She authored “Apartheid American-Style” in the Nation unpacking a series of racist, segregationist bills recently introduced in the Mississippi legislature pushing against community organizing wins.



  • Highlander Co-Executive Directors Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson and Allyn Maxfield-Steele joined the Tennessee Holler recently to discuss the radical history of movement building in Tennessee, Highlander’s connection to that work and the current context, and how we’re continuing to build on the legacy of Southern grassroots organizing today. Listen to the episode here.


  • Co-Executive Directors Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson and Allyn Maxfield-Steele were the featured guests in the latest episode, sharing Highlander’s singular role as a training ground and meeting spot and discussing the centrality of the Black Freedom movement to other liberation movements, centering how Highlander’s 90th year is an occasion for looking ahead, for envisioning and planning to build a new world, and one grounded in sharing and interdependence. Listen to the episode here




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