From Aimee Inglis: An organizer for a dozen years, after studying tarot for the last few years I’ve started a monthly blog where I do collective tarot readings for my comrades in the social movement left and our organizations. Last month, I pulled cards to reflect on what we went through during the pandemic, and how we can start to heal and learn from those experiences. I believe the work of spirit and the work of changing our material conditions are twin keys to liberation, and tarot is just one of many ways to support our human development.

“Unprecedented upheaval happened in the past year, with social and political implications we’ve only begun to understand. We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for what we did or didn’t do in response to the global pandemic, and we should recognize how much we tried to move mountains with little preparation. The struggle is as much within us as without, and we are in a time where a diverse set of tools are available to support us on our healing journeys. We will need these spiritual tools to shore ourselves up for the fight ahead.”

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