Over the course of our As We Re/Gather project this year, we invited folks to share their stories and experiences emerging from the last 18 months amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, attacks on democracy, and uprisings to defend Black lives.

In the U.S., we have experienced our global connectedness and interdependency in new ways, while systems of white supremacy and globally racialized capitalism have exploited conditions to reinforce false borders and boundaries, deepening existing crises with further harm on public health internationally.

Communities across the globe are being impacted by the same root causes and global systems, but white supremacy, capitalism, and imperialism have very different consequences for communities of color and in countries fighting colonization.

We collaborated with EqualHealth’s Campaign Against Racism international chapters to learn and share more about the current conditions, what frontline communities are doing to resist and build, and to inform strategies to build solidarity and power across geography and the Global South.

Learn more about EqualHealth’s Campaign Against Racism here – http://www.equalhealth.org/about. We hope you’ll engage with these stories and this important work, share what folks are doing on the ground to fight oppressive sociopolitical and economic systems in your communities, take action to hold government officials and corporations accountable, and stay tuned for more opportunities brewing to link our struggles and strategies across the globe.