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Highlander’s Electoral Justice work is proposed, designed, and executed by Electoral Justice Researcher and Educator Denzel Caldwell. The focus of this work in 2022 was three-pronged:


● To establish a 2022 workshop intervention where Southern organizers were equipped to learn Election Protection, Civics, and Building Post-Election Power via Solidarity Economy prior to Midterm elections

● To gather data from Southern grassroots organizations to determine what Electoral Justice/Community Governance learning needs exist

● To develop and field test an Electoral Justice curriculum developed for a grassroots organization engaged in Electoral Justice Work.

From the work conducted in 2022, Denzel recommends Electoral Justice work at Highlander for 2023 focus on developing a 21st century Citizenship School that seeks to further catalyze a leftwing populist movement for political power in the US South.

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How Can We Build Democracy in the South — in Electoral Politics and Beyond?

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