Thank you for cooking with us in this Southern Beyond Survival workshop about Power, Oppression, and Collective Liberation.

The ingredients participants brought to the online session were amazing, and together we cooked up a delicious collective dish. We believe our Southern vision of collective liberation is stronger because of the time we spent together!

We fittin’ to continue cooking and experimenting with y’all! We hope you take these fixins and our collective recipe back to your community.

If you were there, we would really appreciate your taking three minutes to complete the evaluation survey, so we can be better equipped for the next potluck.

Resources from the workshop on Power, Oppression and Collective Liberation:


Go Deeper on Power, Oppression and Collective Liberation:


Workshops Comin’ Up:

We request the pleasure of your comp’ny at all of the Threads Workshops. The Threads workshops constitute a baseline, and we will be asking folks to attend or watch the recordings before applying to join us in program offerings that provide deeper accompaniment.

  • March 5th, 10a-12p ET – Southern Beyond Survival: Community Organizing – Register
  • March 14th, 7-9p ET – Methodology Experimentos: Popular Education – Register
  • March 31st, 7-9p ET – Southern Beyond Survival: From Racial Capitalism to Solidarity Economy – Register


Yours in the collective liberation kitchen,


April, Denzel and David