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What is the Zilphia Horton Cultural Residency Project?
New Orleans People Organized for Power Project
Key Stages of the Cultural Organizing Residency
Challenges, Reflections, and Lessons Learned

Challenges, Reflections, and Lessons Learned

In this video we here from project participants and staff of the Zilphia Residency Project reflect on their experiences and make offerings to the field of Cultural Organizing and community organizing.

As we learn more about Highlander Research and Education Centers connections to the communities in which we’ve worked we begin to understand the number of communities and individuals that this project has touched over the past decade.

At the heart of these reflections is a desire for our communities to practice wellness and transformation in their organizing work and a call for a new generation of cultural workers, activist artist, and organizers to learn from the lessons of their ancestors.

How do we measure success?

  • The importance of skills transfer ( Tufara Waller Muhammad)
  • Working in community and working relationships (Jewel Bush)

Recommendations for the Project

  • Weekly CheckDins (April Caddell and Marquez Rhyne)
  • Residency Timelines and Orientation (Jayeesha Dutta)

On the Cultural Organizing Shift in New Orleans

  • Marquez Rhyne
  • Jewel Bush

Will this project continue to exist?

  • Marquez Rhyne
  • Jardana Peacock

Building Power and Wellness

  • On Seeing the Power of Our Communities
    – Pastor Kenneth Glascow
    – Jewel Bush
  • Wellness and Transformation
    – April Caddell
    – Marquez Rhyne
    – Jardana Peacock

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Photo Gallery