Update – 1/25/09

The White House switchboard and comment system were not working on January 21st, so CLEAN was forced to suspend the call-in.  It is being rescheduled for later this year. For updates and additional information information, visit http://theclean.org.


On January 21, 2009, join thousands of people from all over the country in calling the White House to ask President Obama to invest in a clean energy economy.

This national Call to Action is being coordinated by CLEAN (Citizens Lead for Energy Action Now), a movement of grassroots organizations and individuals with the common goal of implementing a new energy future and creating new jobs by investing in safe, clean renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The White House phone number and a short script that you can use for the call are available on the CLEAN website at http://theclean.org/callwh.html.

Let’s Take Back Our Economy by Investing in a Clean Energy Future!

Don’t miss this opportunity to tell the new President what our concerns are!

One Response

  1. i’m adding this link to my facebook in the hopes that my attempt will help others make an attempt. . . and then as we continue to attempt we find that we are doing…being together…towards a common goal…golden.

    call. then wait to watch the ripple.