On April 11-13, Highlander held a Singing and Song-Sharing Workshop to enable participants to share libration songs and learn new songs to incorporate into their social justice work. A diverse group of 22 activists and cultural workers from ten communities in six states (GA, MA, ME, MS, TN, and TX,) attended the gathering.

The workshop was a powerful experience for all of the participants. During the session, they taught each other over 25 songs, chants, and stories. They also produced a simple songbook that they can use to pass those songs along.

Highlander has a long history of using music to inspire and unite, and we hope that more people will be sharing songs as a result of this workshop.

For information about Highlander’s ongoing support for cultural organizing, visit www.test.highlandercenter.org/p-culture.asp.

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  1. I would like to get a copy of the song book if possible. I will be at our farm near Dandridge after June 16 and would be glad to come over to pick one up if they are available.