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We are looking for teams of people who are interested in participating in and learning to facilitate a new version of Highlander’s Economic and Governance Curriculum.    We will be leading this training of trainers to help prepare people to run the sessions in communities. Participants will help facilitate our way through the curriculum, provide feedback along the way, and then take some time to practice facilitation.

Intro to Econ and Gov Curriculum


This Economics and Governance Training of Trainers will take place at the historic and beautiful Penn Center on Saint Helena’s Island, near Beaufort, S.C., from December 1-4.  The training will start with lunch on Thursday the 1st and end with lunch on Sunday, the 4th. 


We are delighted to be holding this training at the Penn Center.  For more than 150 years, Penn Center National Historic Landmark District, located on St. Helena Island, South Carolina, has been at the epicenter of African American education, historic preservation, and social justice for tens of thousands of descendants of formerly enslaved West Africans living in the Sea Islands, known as the Gullah Geechee people. (From their website).   You can read more about this amazing institution at



We are asking that teams of 2-3 from your community/organization/network attend the pilot training of trainers.  To participate each person would need to be able to attend all of the session.  We are looking for teams interested in learning to facilitate this curriculum with their organizations or in their community.   We hope to get a good cross-section from across the South and Appalachia.  We also hope to having a few teams from outside this region. We will provide room and board for the training and we have some scholarships for travel for groups from our priority regions and will also work to help people to carpool to Penn Center.

We have attached a team application that you can fill out and send back by mail or email, and we will be making an on-line application.   We are including a brief schedule for our training, and a two pager that shares more about this curriculum.  Mail to Samir at Highlander Center, 1959 Highlander Way, New Market TN 37820 or email

The Penn Center is located near Beaufort, S.C.   It is about an hour from both the Charleston and Savannah airports so we can help people coordinate travel if you are flying..

If you have any questions – feel free to contact us!  Contact Samir or Susan, contact info is below.



Samir Rohlin Hazboun

Susan Williams

Elandria Williams, and the Highlander Research and Education Center Team



Draft Schedule for Highlander Economics & Governance Training of Trainers


Thursday, December 1st

 Morning – arrivals, registrations, visit Penn Center Museum

 12:00pm Lunch

 1:00pm Welcome, Introduction to the Penn Center


Module 1 of Curriculum

Introductions and Altar (35 mins)

Norms and Agreements (15 mins)

Highlander intro and methodology skits (50 mins)

Family Tree (25 mins)

Mocktail (25 mins)


Facilitation and Leadership

6:00pm Dinner

7:00pm Divide into teams; each team will be give a module to facilitate for the rest of the group.


Friday, December 2nd

8:00am Breakfast

During the day Friday – teams will run Modules 2-4, with time to debrief each session in-between.


Module 2:  (120 minutes)

Machines and Life Forms (60 mins)

Community Mapping (60 mins)


Module 3: (105 minutes)

What do I want to see in the world (20 mins)

Capitalism & Governance Timeline (35 mins)

Levels of governance + personalized issue (20 mins)

Add discovered knowledge to maps (15 mins)

Debrief the day (20 mins)


Module 4: (100 mins)

Opening and Reflections (20 mins)

10 chairs (20 mins)

Circle of Capitalism and solidarity interventions (60 mins)


6:00pm Dinner

 7:00pm Debrief and evaluate the first 4 modules, challenges of facilitation, suggestions for changes.


Saturday, December 3rd

 8:00am Breakfast

 9:00am Teams will run modules 5-7 through Saturday, with time to give feedback between each module.

 Module 5:  (80 mins)

Labor and Time: Bad Job Art  (30 mins)

Experience with ownership (15 mins)

Mapping Ownership (20 minutes)

Debriefing (15 minutes)


Module 6: (90 mins)

The Story of Chocolate – labor, trade, globalization, value chains (45 mins)

Democracy and Law in Everyday Life (45 mins)


Module 7: Beautiful Solutions – (90 minutes)

Stepping Stones (45 mins)

Innovation for Social Good (45 mins)


6:00pm Dinner

 7:00pm Debrief the day and have a party!


Sunday, December 4th

 8:00 Breakfast

 9am-12pm: Debrief overall process, evaluate curriculum, develop plan for next steps

 12:00pm Lunch and goodbyes!