Greetings & Gratitudes

The Highlander Center expresses our deepest appreciation to our many friends across the South, country and world. We wish you peace, joy and health in this new year of work for justice.

Your generosity of resources, time and talent made so much great work possible this year, the highlights and summaries of which you can see on our blog, here.

A resounding THANK YOU!!!

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Action(s) Alert

Let’s Build a U.S. for All of Us: No Room for Racism,, is a national call to action and a growing network of white people taking responsibility to do our work to counter the racism we see, hear and feel in strategies and tactics of the nation’s right wing and some in the media.

The initiative seeks to build inclusive and just democracy to strengthen the United States’ capacity to operate from a place of love, equity and justice and engage other white people across the country in publicly standing against the heightened and ongoing racism taking place nationally.

As the right once again mobilizes white people through fear, race-baiting, and white supremacy, we see a national anti-racist strategy grounded in vision of a racial and economic justice and solidarity with people of color led movements as a critical contribution. We believe that this effort, working locally, regionally and nationally can make a significant contribution towards our goals of collective liberation and a more just and inclusive democracy in this country.

We hope you will get involved and help spread the word! We ask you go to the website to sign the collective statement and check out actions you can take to get involved in your community and with this network. People of all races and cultures who support this effort are invited to sign.

As we have developed this effort, white people involved have reached out to organizers of color in our communities and organizations and have gotten strong feedback that this initiative is needed as well as important suggestions about strategy and messaging.  We continue to welcome feedback about how this effort can strengthen multi-racial efforts for justice.

The Highlander Center has played a leading role in this effort, in collaboration with people and groups all over the country. Please note those organizations and people in the About section on .

Let’s Build A U.S. for All of Us – isn’t it about time?