New Guidelines for applying to the We Shall Overcome Fund

Beginning with the January 15, 2010, deadline some new changes will be implemented in order to make applying to the We Shall Overcome Fund easier and more cost effective for applicants. Now, you only need to submit one complete copy of your application in order to apply to the Fund, and you may also send your application in via e-mail to Kristi Coleman, WSOF Administrator, at

You must still include the application form, a description of your project, a budget, and three signed reference letters from people who are familiar with your work. Also, whether you use regular mail or e-mail, the application and all supporting documents must be attached and submitted in one packet or e-mail, and everything must be in our office by the January 15th deadline. Highlander is not responsible for late or lost submissions or technical problems that result in late or lost submissions.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kristi at 865-933-3443 ext 221 or