Highlander’s 5th annual Wild & Wacky, Witty & Wonderful Workshop Work Week will take place from Tuesday, May 28 – Saturday, June 1, 2013. Workshop Work Week allows people from around the country to come to Highlander and experience the methodologies that have driven social change for the past 80 years. In the mornings, participants will be able to attend workshops on popular education, organizing, movement building, and the history of social justice. The learning will continue in the afternoons with teamwork and dialogue as participants and staff work together in the orchard, garden, trail, or library. Last year, Workshoppers painted a beautiful mural for the Workshop Center and created signs for Highlander’s hiking trails, and there will be a variety of activities ready for people of all ranges of skill and ability. Evenings will give everyone the chance to sing, dance, share stories, and enjoy summer sunsets on the Hill.

The cost of Workshop Work Week is on a sliding scale from $350 to $600. For more details and an application, click here. This is one of the rare opportunities for anyone who is interested to come and take part in a Highlander workshop—don’t miss out on it!

Farm Assistant Tony Denton
Farm assistant Tony Denton helps a Wacky Workshopper make Highlander even more beautiful