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Student debt is now the second largest form of consumer debt in the U.S., totaling $1.3 trillion dollars. The vast majority of college graduates, more than 43 million, are leaving campus in debt from education expenses. Tuitions have been rising as public support of education has decreased. Millions of those holding student debt are elementary school teachers, social workers, adjunct college professors, and city employees that are required to receive a college degree yet are compensated at some of the lowest rates in the workforce. Students, graduates, and families are struggling to repay these debts while trying to forge a viable future.


There is a lot that has been and can be done to change this situation. Unions, student groups, educational associations and other are educating and organizing at many levels. This curriculum provides interactive ways to confront this issue as both an individual and to address broader economic justice issues.

The (Un)Popular Economics training is a powerful series of 4 popular education workshops that can be used to educate and mobilize your union, organization, college, or youth group.   The training explores student debt at the individual, institutional, and community levels through four workshops that cover:


(Un)Popular Economics is for anyone that is considering college, currently enrolled in college, or that previously attended college and left their campus with student debt. The curriculum draws on the lived experiences of participants to better understand the obstacles and barriers created by debt and to explore individual and collective options to change the situation for individuals and the broader society.


This curriculum was created by Jobs With Justice, the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and Highlander Research and Education Center, (Un)Popular Economics empowers workers to challenge the debt-based economy and build working class power in their workplaces and communities

This (Un)Popular Economics Training of Trainers will equip you to facilitate this curriculum with your local group or union. The event will begin with dinner at 6:00 pm Eastern time March 3 and end at 5:00 p.m. March 5. Room and board is included in the fee, which is a sliding scale of $350 – $600. Some partial scholarships are available. Please complete an application form before paying.

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For more information, call or email Susan Williams – 865-360-7042 or email You can complete the application on-line at our website or email it to Susan Williams. You can fill out this application and email or mail.