The Stay Project

This summer young people from across Appalachia will gather at the
Highlander Center in eastern Tennessee June 26th – June 30th

Will you join us?

We’ll be getting together so we can learn about each other’s work, ideas, and vision for the region and figure out a way to make things happen for ourselves and the places where we live. At the STAY Institute you’ll have a chance to meet young people across the region who are working on issues of justice and community change, learn new skills to support you in your work at home, and be part of a network of awesome youth leaders!

What is the STAY Project?
We are a group of young leaders from ages 14-25 working with the Appalachian Media Institute in Whitesburg, Kentucky, High Rocks for Girls in West Virginia, and the Highlander Center in New Market, Tennessee. We are working to make it possible for young people to stay home in their Appalachian communities. The STAY Institute will be the first activity we do together and we hope you’ll join us. There will be post-gathering opportunities for extended networking; collaborative action and we also hope to provide mentorship by connecting participants with seasoned leaders in our region.

What do we mean by Appalachia? Southern and Central Appalachia- West Virginia, Southwest Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, Western North Carolina and Northern Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama if interested.

There are transportation scholarships available and all other housing and costs will be covered. We would like it if people came in teams so that when you go back home you will be supported, but if that is not possible please apply anyway.

If you have any questions regarding the STAY Institute please contact us at: stayproject (at)

How to Apply
To apply for the STAY Institute, fill out one of the application forms below and send it to us.

Please submit your application by June 10, 2009. Thanks!