One of the most important pieces of legislation to address workers rights in decades was introduced in Congress on March 10, 2009. The Employee Free Choice Act (HR.1409 / S.560) addresses the right of workers with three simple and powerful steps.

  1. The Employee Free Choice Act provides a fair path to form unions through direct majority sign-up.
  2. It enables employees to secure a contract within a finite, reasonable time period.
  3. It toughens penalties against employers who violate workers’ rights.

All this sounds so basic and fair one would think it was already the case, but American workers trying to organize a union are put through hoops and obstacles that workers in dozens of other countries are not. The bail-out discussions made it abundantly clear how conservative forces want to destroy organized labor in this country, and, in fact, the Chamber of Commerce has made stopping the Employee Free Choice Act their number one priority.

To learn more about the Employee Free Choice Act, why it so important to a progressive agenda for all of us, and to take action go to:

Or visit the website of your favorite union.