This week has been hit hard for our family on the ground in Charlotte and below are ways you can support them in their fight.

There will be a march tomorrow in Charlotte at 1PM:

Longer List of Asks:

+Liquid antacid, like Maalox
+ easel pad paper like the sticky kind,
+ individually wrapped snacks
+burner phones, bandanas,
+milk- especially quarts for easy packing
+ice packs for the milk
+first aid kits and supplies
+gas masks
+high decibel ear plugs
+hard hats
+lots of goggles
+portable phone chargers
+water bottles
+spray paint
+plastic tarp


Organizations on the ground to get updates from:

TQPocC Coalition:


BLM Charlotte:




TQPocC via Southern Vision Alliance:


Durham Solidarity Center – Freedom Fighter Bond Fund: