The S.T.A.Y. Project Youth of Color Gathering

June 13-15, 2014

Place: East Dale Village Community United Methodist Church

1403 Tunnel Blvd. Chattanooga, TN 37411

YOC 2014< Application (English and Spanish)

The STAY Project is committed to having all voices and identities supported within Appalachia. We understand that people of color are often silenced and ignored within our organizations and communities. For this reason, we are bringing together youth of color from throughout the region for a two day workshop in order to discuss what it means to be a person of color living in the mountains and cities of Appalachia. We will also be visioning ways we can better solidify the unique support we want and need as a community and how we can support each other through the STAY PROJECT. We consider Southern and Central Appalachia to be West Virginia, Southwest Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, Western North Carolina and Northern Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama.


What is the STAY Project?

We are a group of young leaders from ages 14-30 working to make it possible for young people to stay home in their Appalachian communities.


The Mission: Stay Together Appalachian Youth, The STAY Project, is a diverse regional network of young people working together to create, advocate for, and participate in safe, sustainable, engaging and inclusive communities throughout Appalachia and beyond.

The cost for this workshop is between $20-$40 and includes room and board. For those needing reduced fees or more information, please contact Joe Tolbert at or 865-933-3443 or Elandria Williams at 865-973-1896/865-933-3443/