Singing out for Justice is an Occasion to Remember


We express our deep gratitude to all the participants, performers, organizers and sponsors of the Singing out for Justice concert honoring Guy Carawan for his 50 plus years of service to Highlander.

The day of the concert boasted over 200 attendees and Highlander raised over $16,000 for the general operating fund.

We also extend special thanks to our co-producer Ash Grove Music and producer Ed Pearl and the hosts for the gathering Jan Goodman and Jerry Manpearl. Of course there are many others too long to list who deserve accolades for making this historical day so memorable. Thank you to each and every one of you.

Sponsors of Singing out for Justice: Honoring Guy Carawan

Esau Jenkins Sponsorship Circle

Robert Ben Garant, CA

Carla S. Wallace, TN

Myles Horton and Zilphia Horton Sponsorship Circle

Pam McMichael & Marian Urquilla, TN & D.C.

Andrea and Alan Rabinowitz, WA

Kate Rinzler, AZ

Hedy Weinberg & Dan Cornfield, TN

Alan Zaslavsky, MA

Friend’s Circle Sponsors

Elsa Auerbach, MA

Barbara & Louis Breger, CA

Cynthia Brown, CA

Walter & Katherine Enloe, MN

Steve Fisher, VA

Betty Jean Hall, VA

Richard & Lucy Henighan, TN

Joseph Hickerson, MD

Alice Hoffman, PA

Michael & Patti Honey, WA

Mary Morgan, OH

Kathryn Newton, TN

Carol Nickle, TN

James Rooney, VT

Anne Romasco, NY

Constancia Romilly & Edwin Weber, NY

Social Uplift Foundation, Grace & Ken Aaron, CA

Linn Shapiro, D.C.

Dr. Warren Stinson, TN

Holly Syrrakos & Peter Jones, MD

Working People’s Law Center, Arthur Goldberg, CA