Materials from The Semilla’s Summer Learning Series by the 2020 SOF Advisory Committee

Many thanks for all this knowledge to our 2020 AC members: Nadine, Rush, Malick, Justice, Nugget, Maria, Macaiah, and Lizbeth!

Every year, Seeds of Fire has hosted an in-person week-long gathering, bringing together youth living and organizing across the US South to skill-build, and develop deep relationships across regions. This year, due to COVID-19, we have moved our work virtually because we know that the work doesn’t stop, it evolves! And it’s important now more than ever to have spaces that center young people and bring joy, respite and co-learning/teaching to the forefront. 

Led by an Advisory Committee of 8 youth of color ages 14 and up, and with the support of Highlander staff, we present to you our Semilla’s Summer Learning Series! We are multiracial, mono & bilingual, intergenerational, and live across the region of the US South, bringing wisdom from across generations.