Highlander’s Seeds of Fire Youth Leadership Camp will be held on July 20-26, 2008. The camp is for southern youth age 13-19 involved in local organizing efforts, and their adult allies.

The Seeds of Fire camp is a multiracial, multi-issue space committed to examining the world we live in and generating a new vision for the world we wish to see in the South and Appalachia, the United States, and the World!

Through a combination of popular education, research, theater, games, art and collective wisdom, participants will have fun while learning how to “Upset the Set-Up.” Topics to be covered include the history of the juvenile justice system; nonviolence training; skills building, base building, strategic planning and visioning; strategies and tools for stopping the cradle to prison pipeline and the mis-education of youth in our schools; and holistic transformation and alternatives to the system. The camp will also include field trips, talent shows, dances and much more.

For more information about the Seeds of Fire camp and to apply online, click here.