Remember to apply to become an Advisory Committee Member for our Seeds of Fire program! Any past SOF participant welcomed, link:

2018-2019, Seeds of Fire Program will be hosting an organizing Advisory Committee of up to 5 individuals to support the development and management of the Seeds of Fire Summer Camp and the Seeds of Fire Fund. Each Advisory Committee member will be receiving a $2,000 stipend at the completion of their time as a Committee member. This is a 1 year commitment.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, November 23rd @ Midnight

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Natalie at (865) 437-6514 |   

The Seeds of Fire Advisory Committee is an intergenerational advisory committee to Highlander’s Seeds of Fire program.  Compiled of past SOF Camp participants, the Advisory Committee aims to increase the input and direction of youth and young adults in the Seeds of Fire programs and the overall intergenerational work of the Highlander Center. The Advisory Committee also serves as staff for at least one Seeds of Fire programmatic event, determines grantees for the Seeds of Fire Fund (as money permits), and develops leadership and organizational development skills for members.