Black bodies are murdered every 28 hours in the U.S. Police officers are taking our people without judicial penalty. The prison system is largely privatized and depends on local and federal policies that criminalize, destabilize, and profit off of people of color. One in three Black men will be imprisoned in their lifetime according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and Black women are three times more likely to be incarcerated than White women. The South is a hotbed for escalated repressive social and legislative attacks, on people of color, women, immigrants and refugees, lesbigaytrans people, youth and working class people. Felony disenfranchisement and a surge of voter disenfranchisement laws overtly designed to keep people of color and the poor away from the polls are sweeping the south. Nearly every southern state has passed restrictive voting laws in the last few years. These attacks have mobilized cross sector and cross-issue organizing efforts to stop this repression, work for progressive policies and build alternative infrastructure. We will combine Highlander’s methodologies to collectively develop strategies targeting the root causes and build intergenerational, cross-issue and cross-cultural connections and networks to organize and fight state sanctioned violence against low-income communities and communities of color. Our long-term goals include among others, embarking on tours of the South to connect fights, struggles, and victories of people working in the 1950s-60s on voter registration, civil rights, immigration reform, and lesbigaytrans rights to the work of young people fighting against the same injustices, in the South, today.


This summer, we invite Southern and Appalachian youth-led and youth centered groups organizing for social change to join us on the 2017 Living Legacy Tour. This includes two young people (ages 13-18) and one adult ally (ages 19 and up) from each group to join us on this tour. If you are currently organizing to address these issues or are interested in learning and building support networks to organize in your community please apply to join us. This year’s tour will focus on the western most part of our Southern Region, Texas. We are looking for Southern and Appalachian youth and adult ally leaders to join the Third Annual Seeds of Fire Living Legacy tour, an intergenerational group that will be strategizing to address issues of state-based violence. Applications are due by May 26th. For more information call or email Esme Baltazar at 865-933-3443 ext.242 /






Seeds-of-Fire-2017-Application English Group and Individual

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Highlander Center
ATTN: Seeds of Fire
1959 Highlander Way
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Once your application is submitted we will follow-up with a group interview and more details. We look forward to hearing from you!