Highlander collaborated with The Rockwood Leadership Institute to bring Rockwood’s “Art of Leadership” training to the South for the first time on January 26-29.

This 4-day residential training was attended by 24 emerging and established leaders from across the South and was led by Michael Bell and Maria Ramos-Chertok. The Rockwood training is designed to teach powerful skills of visioning, listening, speaking, and presenting, and provides coaching, team-building and feedback.

Susan Williams, Highlander’s Education Coordinator, and Rob Reining, Highlander’s Financial Officer, participated in the training. Said Williams,

This was an amazing opportunity – to have a great group of Southern leaders and directors and the amazing facilitation of the Rockwood staff, in a challenging and useful training to help you think about your goals and how you would hope to behave in a leadership or any role with a group of people. It really helped me to get a focus on how to be most useful and more productive, (as well as improving real listening and communication skills.) I hope more Southerners and Appalachian folks can have access to this experience.