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Dear Organizer and Activist on the Frontlines of Today’s Movements,


SNCC organizer and now professor and writer Charles Cobb once told a crowd at a Boston House party that a powerful thing during the civil rights movement was the way ‘Highlander just threw open its doors.

We were moved by that appreciation and reminded of how respite is needed for those on the front lines throwing their lives at justice confronting injustice on systemic and personal levels.

Highlander has thrown open our doors in many ways and many times, and continues to, and now we are in another movement time when we are called to try even more.

During the coming holiday seasons, we are making two offerings of Highlander for Rest(oration), Reflection and Rejuvenation for movement activists on the front line, especially those in the movement for Black Lives and the Black Lives Matter network.

During the dates of November 22 –29 and December 27 – Jan 3, we invite people on the front lines who need it to come to Highlander. You can stay a single night or a number of days. We offer both lodging and food. Highlander will provide an evening meal prepared for you by our staff. For breakfast and lunch, there will also be simple fare and facilities available to you for your own preparation of those meals. Spaces are limited and Highlander staff will confirm your attendance.


We do not have a grant to do this. We are called to do it. Please visit our website to complete registration form so we can prepare for you.


-The Staff of the Highlander Center

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