Check out the Community Governance slide presentation in English, which also includes the brilliant and insightful responses that y’all offered during the workshop.

Here are the slides for the Community Governance Beautiful Solutions (and here is the full deck of Beautiful Solutions in English and Spanish).

You can also find the English and Spanish recording of the workshop here.

And here are the Spanish slides.


Next Steps

Please be on the lookout for our upcoming “Thriving Groups, Thriving Communities” workshop on May 11 at 7-9pm ET. How can we strengthen our organizations to embody our values in practices and policy and thus help bring about the thriving communities we envision? Register here.

The next People Practicing Power (PPP) Workshop will be on April 30th from 10 am- 1 PM CST/ 11 am- 2 pm EST. We will be centering voices from Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, and Arkansas as their primary elections begin in May. Register here for the April 30th PPP workshop. Our next PPP workshop will be on May 28th, centering North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma. Register for the May 28th PPP workshop here.

Finally, if you or anyone you know are a part of Southern grassroots organizations doing Community Governance work, please encourage them to be interviewed for our Community Governance Mapping Project! The Interview Interest form can be found here. For additional information click here.

Other Community Governance Resources:


Thank y’all again for learning with us.