Join us on December 5-7, 2008, for a Social Change Workshop on Popular Education and Organizing.

Highlander’s vision includes building a movement for justice that reaches across the South and Appalachia and connects to the world. And it starts with people working together. So we want to explore some key things: What helps people come together? What helps people move together? How can this kind of activity grow and change the world?

The workshop will bring together a diverse group of activists and others working for social change to explore these topics and to enable participants and Highlander staff to learn from each other about ideas and strategies for social change, both historically and current! Participants will also have time to relax, reflect,  watch videos, talk with Highlander staff and other participants, use the resource center, and enjoy the outdoors.

The cost for the workshop is $350, which includes room and board. Limited scholarships are available for people with limited means who are actively involved in social change.

For more information and to apply online, visit