Firday, April 17th; 5:30 p.m.
World’s Fair Park Amphitheater

Friday, April 17, is the 13th annual “Day of Silence” — a nationwide and even worldwide effort to bring the devastating impacts of homophobia to the attention of people who are unaware of the harassment, rejection and discrimination faced by LGBTQ youth every day.

Youth in Knoxville will observe the day of silence. Then, at 5:30 that afternoon, they will “break the silence” in the rally at the World’s Fair Park Amphitheatre.

The rally will last approximately one hour. This event will also be a fund-raiser for the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the national organization that started the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) movement and continues to lend valuable support.

While supplies last, donors will receive items from the GLSEN Store, including tee shirts, buttons, wrist bands and posters.

Information booths will be available from area organizations, including the GSA’s, PFLAG, Spectrum Cafe, and others.

This event is being staged by LGBT and supportive straight youth who attend school in several East Tennessee counties. Many of them are members of GSA’s — Gay-Straight Alliances — in their schools. Or they are attempting to start a GSA in their schools.

Please come to the rally… and bring a friend!


PARKING — There are several parking options, but the UT Garage on 11th Street is NOT available to the public. Parking options include the Fort Kid lot, the area north of the Museum of Art, and the Locust Street garage. If you park at Locust Street, you can use the footbridge across Henley Street and then go across the Clinch Avenue viaduct to the stairs leading down to the Amphitheater.