July 27-29 brings the second Southeast-wide gathering sponsored by the Southern Grassroots Economies Project.  People from across the South determined to take control of their economic futures will convene in Epes, Alabama at the Rural Training Center of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives for Co-op Econ 2012.  Joining them will be co-op developers, business experts, and individuals engaged in building community-based enterprises who will share their skills and knowledge for two days in the heart of the South. Highlander is an anchor organization in the Southern Grassroots Economies Project.

There is a vibrant and rapidly growing movement of community-based and worker-owned businesses across the United States, and internationally. The United Nations declared 2012 the Year of the Cooperative and SGEP is connecting to this movement and helping spark its growth in the South.

Who is the conference for?
This conference is for people who live in the US South* and are:
– interested in launching a cooperative business OR
– planning to transition an existing non-cooperative business to a cooperative model OR
– already employed in or own a cooperative business

For more information or to register for the meeting go to sgeproject.org.

*Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida