A Highlander tradition since 1985, Children’s Justice Camp returns this year with another chance for children ages 7-12 to develop a passion for social justice. The Children’s Camp is ideal for families with an interest in social democracy, justice, and environmental sustainability who would like to spark their children’s interest in these issues. The camp will give them the chance to meet other children and youth from a wide variety of racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds for a week of sharing, fun, learning and growing. In recent years, Children’s Camp activities have included weaving and waterslides—and writing skits about the inequalities of the U.S. health care system!

Children’s Camp will take place from Sunday, June 23rd to Saturday, June 29th. Children at the camp will develop their leadership skills and analysis, express themselves through art and culture, and learn to see their own power, regardless of age, to create the world they will inherit.

For more information, contact Highlander’s office manager, Kristi Coleman, at 865-933-3443 x221 or coleman@highlandercenter.org.