We invite you to a fundraising house party for the Highlander Center Sunday October 16th, 4-6pm to  celebrate the 12 year leadership of outgoing Director Pam McMichael and raise funds to support Highlander in this transition and its ongoing cutting edge work. With Highlander Education Team Co-Coordinator Kierra Sims and Seeds of Fire Intern Jarrel “Jay-Jay” Strong. To RSVP and for accessible parking, email Amelie Ratliff, Amelie.Ratliff@gmail.com

You can make an online donation through https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/1417777 and click the “Boston House Party” to donate online.

Send checks to:

Highlander Center

Boston House Party

1959 Highlander Way

New Market, TN  37820


Amelie Ratliff

Henry and Tish Allen

Janet Axelrod and Tim Plenk

Kenneth Bailey

Peggy Barrett

Lizzy Cooper Davis and Omo Moses

Derrick C. Evans

Ravi Khanna

Brinton Lykes

Gillian Mason

Yeshimabeit (Yeshi) Milner

Catherine Mooney

Maisha Moses

Rachel Plattus and Eli Feghali

Tarso Luis Ramos

Penny Fujiko Willgerodt