Bookkeeper/Fiscal Specialist

 Organization Summary

The Highlander Research and Education Center is a 90 year-old popular education center that works with grassroots groups in Appalachia and across the U.S. South to promote social and economic justice. Highlander’s long and proud history includes cutting edge work with labor education and organizing, the Civil Rights Movement, environmental justice in Appalachia, and more recently, the changing demographics of our region. Widely acclaimed as a leadership development center for grassroots activists across race, culture and generations, Highlander is world-renowned as a beacon for progressive organizing.

Overview of position:

This position will provide bookkeeping support to Highlander’s Staff. This is a full-time position.

The Bookkeeper is a vital team member for accounting and technology work at Highlander. While providing the bookkeeping support that helps maintain well-functioning teams and organizational harmony, this position will also keep up Highlander up to date with the latest technology and also play a role in technology support for staff.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Fiscal accountant specialist working with HREC’s fiscal organization
  • Key all financial transactions into the computer fiscal database
  • Maintain payroll records
  • Maintain accounts payable and receivable records
  • Entry of deposits and withdrawals into financial software
  • Generate and process the following reports:
      • Balance Sheet
      • Income and Expense Statement
      • Departmental Income and Expense Statements as requested
      • Receivables reports and other needed administrative reports
  • Distribute reports to appropriate staff
  • Maintain compliance with and prepare all federal and state deposits and reports
  • Prepare and distribute annual W-2 and 1099 forms
  • Work closely with CFO in preparing annual audit, and 990, 941 and solicitation permits for several states.
  • Follow established internal control procedures in all financial activities
  • Work with staff to develop and fine tune financial processes and procedures for control and information tracking

Records Management

  • Maintain files on utilities for HREC buildings and grounds
  • Maintain files on HREC equipment and purchases
  • Maintain vendor information files

Accounting & Financial Technology. Software, Systems

  • Research systems that benefit the organizational work flow
  • Implement new systems and technologies
  • Perform some technology services in collaboration with contracted IT professionals
  • Proficiency in and/or ability to learn QuickBooks online and Blackbaud Financial Edge systems quickly is a must for this position

Helpful skills and experience for this position:

  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Able to establish rapport with activists and community members in diverse ethnic, racial, social and economic groups
  • Computer savvy and willing to explore and utilize new technologies
  • Solid administrative skills
  • Time management ability and strong organizational skills
  • Strong nonprofit bookkeeping experience
  • Bi or Multi-Lingual is a plus

Expectations of all staff positions at Highlander:

  • Passionate about Highlander’s purpose and able to communicate our program work
  • Committed to racial, gender, economic, environmental and social justice.
  • Organized and able to balance multiple responsibilities with grace.
  • Be an active participant in a democratically participatory organization.
  • Keep Highlander’s purpose and the people with whom we work central.
  • Sense of humor welcome and most helpful.
  • High degree of honesty and integrity.

Salary and Benefits: Highlander offers excellent pay and benefits including health insurance and generous paid time off. The salary for this position is $61,680 annually; exempt, 40 hours/weekly

To Apply: Send letter of interest, resume, and references to: