A Katrina Reader: Readings by & for Anti-Racist Educators and Organizers

Check out A Katrina Reader: Readings by & for Anti-Racist Educators and Organizers, produced by the Challenging White Supremacy Workshop.

A Katrina Reader is a free online collection of articles, poems, stories, and links to other resources, compiled by and for anti-racist organizers and educators. It has four main goals:

  1. To highlight the inspiring tradition of resistance to racism by New Orleans grassroots organizations, before and after Katrina;
  2. To provide basic information about many New Orleans racial justice organizations working in the movement for the right of return of all New Orleanians, in order to facilitate networking with solidarity activists around the country who want to support this movement, in New Orleans and in their home communities;
  3. To facilitate the efforts of students and educators who want to learn more about grassroots racial justice organizing in New Orleans, with the purpose of strengthening their volunteer solidarity activities, in New Orleans and on their university campuses;
  4. To suggest some perspectives and tools for anti-racist solidarity organizers (especially for white activists) wanting to work in solidarity with grassroots racial justice organizations, both in New Orleans and in their home communities.

A Katrina Reader is available online at www.cwsworkshop.org/katrinareader.