Tents Up

A big white tent in the cow pasture goes up.

Just imagine – 75 years of stories, filling it up.

A stream of stories, woven in meetings, under trees, at meals, by a lake, in a car driven to a small town where righteous sparks flew, in the kitchen washing dishes, at a campfire, at a dance, on a hilltop, by the riverside….

Stories told of spirit, courage, harshness, possibility, hope…
Stories that hold people up in the face of vicious oppression
Long streams of stories flowing on stories from those we know and those we will never know.

Let them fill us and make us strong.
Let them inspire us and make us brave.
Let them remind us to be daring, to be wise, to fly higher.
Let them pass through us and on to our neighbors, our families, our children and the spirits who have not yet arrived on this great green earth.

By Susan Williams aka DJ Silver Fox