Highlander Onsite Gathering Evaluation – Squadship 2021 Alumni April 7-10, 2022
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email correspondence, removing barriers through travel support and rental cars, gas and meal reimbursement, virtual zoom registration, getting you the information you needed about what do do before, what to bring, COVID-19 protocols, the signal thread, the agenda, and the rules, etc.

Thursday Arrival

3:30-6:30pm Arrive, do your own thang 6:30-7:30 Dinner in the Dining Room (downstairs at Workshop Center) 8-10pm Evening Gathering: Housekeeping, Meet Community Safety and Radical Hospitality, You Got to Move Film (optional)

Friday Morning Welcome, 11am-1pm

Check ins: what we love about being Southern; Community altar and grounding; Highlander History – living history cards; Agenda review and housekeeping

Friday Afternoon (onsite only) – Highlander Tour and The Bottom visit

Friday Evening Activities – Time Capsule, Who Am I poems, Auntie Spelling Bee Game, Campfire and S'mores

Saturday morning – Squadship Documentary Screening (Kristan)


Saturday morning – SCLC Archives Tour & Workshop (Ashby)

Saturday afternoon – Eviction Blockades (Emma)

Saturday afternoon – Harm Free Zones Workshop (Kion)

Saturday Evening Activities – Talent-Adjacent Show + Karaoke

Sunday Closing Activities – Scavenger Hunt Share, Reflections, Farewell, Drumming Circle


Lodging, Meals, Facilities, Accessibility, Radical Hospitality Team, Community Safety Team

Overall Evaluation

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