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Generations to Come Capital Campaign

To support the future of Highlander’s critical work we have launched the $3.2 Million Generations to Come Capital Campaign.


The Highlander Research & Education Center Kitchen Campaign: June 25-August 24
Feed the Movement!

We are raising money for much needed, new kitchen equipment used in serving thousands of meals each year to community leaders and organizers from across the South, the nation and the world. This new equipment will help us cook our delicious meals, store more fresh food from seasonal harvests, run our kitchen more efficiently and make better use of our precious human-hours.

Generations to Come Capital Campaign Progress Report-June. 2014

HREC Comprehensive Brief 

As the economic and environmental crises converge and the gulf widens between rich and poor, we know that social justice must be the framework for building sustainable economies and restoring our planet. Highlander provides key resources, training and a premier learning environment for moving this work forward.

The Generations to Come Capital Campaign will enable us to house more people, hold more workshops, and offer more residencies, while keeping our workshop size small.

Our campaign will:Make a Donation to Highlander

  • Make our lodgings fully accessible, energy efficient and comfortable for 40+ workshop participants and guests, using a combination of new construction and renovation.
  • Establish the Septima Clark Learning Center next to the Workshop Center.
  • Complete the purchase of the Bays Mountain house and land for extended-length residencies, walking trails and expanded land-based programs.
  • Create a $500,000 maintenance endowment and make all our facilities energy efficient and more durable for the long haul.

Click on the links below for more information on how to support Generations to Come!

Highlander Capital Campaign Brochure

Energy & Durability Renovation Maintenance Endowment

Capital Campaign Goal

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Capital Campaign Progress Reports

Click here for the latest progress report on the Generations to Come Capital Campaign.