85 Stories

85 Stories


To celebrate our historic 85th year, we are collecting your Highlander stories to learn what Highlander has meant to you and to highlight the incredible work you are doing.

85 stories will include people in our movement families throughout the decades. We call on all who have been impacted by Highlander in their pursuit of social justice. We call on stories in all expressive forms—art, music, media, poetry, and others—to reflect the diversity of voices represented in our world.


Questions to guide you are:       

  • Describe your first experience at Highlander.
  • How has Highlander influenced who you have become?
  • How has it impacted your work?
  • What’s your favorite memory being at Highlander or at Highlander workshops in your local community?

We will be publishing them on our social media and website daily leading up to our 85th Homecoming, September 22-24, 2017. We request that written submissions stay at a maximum of one page and video maximum 2-3 minutes. All submissions would require a photo and a two-sentence bio.



Send your submissions to [email protected]