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Archived Oct 1, 2021 

Hello beloved Squadship family:

Thank you for a brilliantly fun, inspiring, impactful, and enjoyable Solidarity Squadship Program 2021. There’s more work to do, but we celebrate completing this phase of the program and share in gratitude for all our ancestors, behind-the-scenes administrators, fundraisers, mentors, parents, loved ones, and all of y’all/us for everything that made this program possible.

Keep making miracles and building power, 

April, David, Je Nae’, and Denzel


Recommended  next steps:


Last Reminders:
  • Submit your People’s Movement Assembly Plan before your PMA.
  • You can book up to two one-on-one healing consultation sessions directly with Jetzi or Juju through Nov 15 and Highlander will pay the bill.
  • For the regrant, we will need this paperwork from the 501c3 (fiscal sponsor):
    • Grant agreement (David will send you this when it’s ready)
    • W9 
    • Direct Deposit Form
  • Submit videos to Kristan using the video file drop folder: or add squadship21video (at) as a collaborator on google drive. – Email kristan.woolford (at) if you submit something to this folder and please label it with your squad name!
  • Videographers are hired, so work with your videographer, in coordination with Kristan, to document what you’re doing, complete the Videographer Planning Worksheet to clarify things and give both Kristan and your videographer the info they need.


Program Goals:

  1. A greater understanding of the form and function of solidarity economies.
  2. Experience teaching in popular education methods.
  3. Building relationships with a breadth of social movement activities in the Southern US.
  4. Deepening solidarity economy practice.
  5. Holding ground gained by communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Deepening cultural organizing practices in solidarity economy formations.


Program Tools and Components



Mon, Sept 13, 4-7pm — Gathering #3

Thurs, Sept 30, 4-7pm — Gathering #4

Deliverables Timeline:

Interns are expected to participate in 4 Squadship gatherings during the 11 weeks.

The internship also contains the following deliverables. Consider who might be the point person on your squad for these.

  • Determine and report on a project or next step that will help your group hold the ground they gained during the pandemic.
  • Host a People’s Movement Assembly with their community during the Squadship by Sept 17.
  • Optional: Host Highlander Staff in a site visit to your community by Sept 17 – may be virtual.
  • Help find a local videographer to document your squad’s organizing and coordinate with Highlander’s chief videographer.
  • Create a beautiful solutions card as a squad by Oct 1.
  • Weekly journal entries or video journals reflecting on prompts as assigned (everyone)
  • Attend at least one workshop to skill up, facilitate a workshop in your community on that skill, and attend a strategy clinic about the facilitation. (everyone)
  • Participate in the Highlander Homecoming Squadship Showcase Sept 24-26.
  • Participate in a program evaluation and complete a Squadship evaluation form by Oct 1.
Timesheets Deadlines

Make sure to submit timesheets no later than Friday:

  • August 13
  • August 26
  • September 10
  • September 24
  • October 8

Gathering & Workshop Materials

Visit this site after each gathering or workshop for access to slides, resources, and recordings.

September 30th Gathering 4
Highlander 89th Homecoming
Harm Free Zones
September 13 – Gathering 3
Spiritual Praxis in Mutual Aid Skillup
Power of Online Space (Aug 30) – PeoplesHub
August 21st –  Gathering 2
Solidarity Economy 101 (Aug 7)
July 25th – Gathering 1

How to Join Gatherings & Check-ins

We will connect together on Zoom, an online video conference platform. Go to  to download a free Zoom software on your computer before the day of the workshop.

Click this link  5-10 minutes before start time, or copy and paste this URL into your browser: If you get disconnected and/or need to join audio by phone, here is the call-in information. Dial +1 312 626 6799, then key in the Meeting ID: 506 639 3083#.


  • Show up! Your participation is part of the learning.
  • A quiet space with a strong internet connection.
  • A computer or laptop.
  • A webcam.
  • Ideally, a pair of headphones that have a microphone to cut out background noise.

Highlander Squad Contact

April Taylor
Denzel Caldwell
Je Nae Taylor 
David Ferris   865-742-4514


If you have any concerns you want to share with Highlander leadership, please email Trina (Education Team Coordinator), Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson (Co-Director), and Allyn Maxfield-Steele (Co-Director)


Project Planning guide and resources


Project Management Basics

Project Management Process Video 

Project Planning for Beginners video 

Event Planning video 


Assessment tools

Community Mapping Activity 

Power analysis 

Stakeholder analysis 

S.C.O.P.E. Situational Analysis 

Root cause analysis 

Vision + Agenda + Goals


Popular Education

Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing

Popular Education Summary (Highlander)

Popular Education Spiral 

Popular Education Planning Worksheet


Cultural Organizing and Healing

Cultural Organizing, CO Triad, Cultural Institutions Inventory

Stay woke, Stay Whole Black healing manual 

Black Joy Experience resource from the album Black Joy Experience


Participatory Action Research (PAR) 

PAR Tooklit

PAR Guide


Peoples Movement Assemblies

Highlander PMA Planning Worksheet  & PMA Agenda Planning Template & Example (from the Aug 21 workshop)

People’s Movement Assembly Toolkit (SMA)

SMA Organizing Toolkit, especially Fundamentals of Organizing and Action Planning Worksheet and Organizing Tools (Southern Movement Assembly

Black Nashville Assembly Participant Guide

Power / Situation Analysis

Step by Step Power Analysis (Northeast Action Training, adapted from SCOPE’s Power Tools)

S.C.O.P.E. Situational Analysis: Situation, Core Competencies, Obstacles, Prospects, Expectations

Root cause analysis – The Problem Tree exercise

Recruitment and Basebuilding 

R&B Outreach & Developing Leaders 

R&B One on Ones 

R&B Basebuilding Tips


Strategy & Tactics

Midwest Academy Strategy Chart

Strategy Definitions

Tactic Star


Solidarity Economy in the South

Solidarity Economy in the South report and network

Beautiful Solutions Cards (SE examples)

Beautiful Solutions Card Template

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship Tips on YouTube

How to Find a Fiscal Sponsor and Checklist for Signs of a Good Fiscal Sponsor – Nonprofit Law Blog

Fiscal Sponsor Directory

Housing Justice

Renter Power Assemblies Toolkit

Housing Justice Resources Misc.