JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Radical Hospitality Housekeeping Crew Member (Part-Time Salary)

Highlander is searching for a talented, self-motivated, and detail-oriented Housekeeper to serve on the Radical Hospitality team. The Radical Hospitality team provides hospitality to Highlander’s visiting program participants and other guests. As a member of the team with whom guests will often interact most directly and frequently while at Highlander, an important part of this role is clearly communicating the story and work of Highlander. With all of Highlander’s staff, this role will contribute to Highlander’s educational and accompaniment work as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in the US South and beyond.

Learn more about Highlander’s current and past work here:

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The Radical Hospitality Housekeeping Crew Member will assist the Radical Hospitality Assistant in creating and maintaining welcoming, clean, and safe physical environments for Highlander’s guests. The Radical Hospitality Housekeeping Crew Member’s primary responsibility will be keeping Highlander’s buildings clean and preparing meeting areas, sleeping areas, and other spaces for people to gather for revolutionary learning. This position will be a part of the Radical Hospitality Housekeeping Crew. The Radical Hospitality Housekeeping Crew will be responsible directly to the Workshop Center Team Assistant, who is supervised by the Workshop Center Team Coordinator who is supervised by the Executive Director(s). They will be a part of the Radical Hospitality Team, which works closely with the People & Place and Community Safety teams. The ideal candidate is someone who can work as part of a dynamic and diverse staff to provide radical hospitality to all people who gather at Highlander.

More specific responsibilities will include:

  • Bottom-lining the cleaning of all the buildings at Highlander

  • Be a part of organizational trainings and events

  • Keep supplies stocked

  • Track orders and turn in receipts; when applicable

  • Assist in inventory tracking

  • Inform Building & Grounds manager/team of necessary structural repairs

  • Assist in service-learning group activities

  • Task delegation in-person and on project manager app

  • Track hours worked

  • Work as a part of a team

  • Welcome and engage visiting educational program participants & other guests

  • Support housekeeping needs for large, multi-day events, such as Highlander’s annual

    Homecoming celebration

  • Stay up to date and informed on educational programs and other work of Highlander’s


  • Ability to orient people where they need to be when arriving to Highlander

  • Ability to communicate the history and current work of Highlander to guests

  • Ability to meet the physical demands of the position (lifting at least 60 lbs, squatting,

    prolonged standing and walking, reaching above the head, and other activities associated with cleaning floors, washing/drying, folding, making/changing beds, moving furniture, cleaning windows, etc.)


    Applicants invited to an initial interview will show evidence of a majority of the following:

    • excellent communicating skills, listening skills, and organizational skills

    • commitment to working in a multi-racial, cross-class, multi-gendered work place that

      centers the leadership of people most directly impacted by systems of oppression

    • at least 2 years of working in hospitality

    • experience working as a part of a team of people to maintain clean, welcoming, and

      safe places for guests

    • experience with industry cleaning standards as well as holistic, environmentally friendly

      cleaning supplies and practices

    • a demonstrated understanding of sanitation standards

    • the ability to help build and maintain an inventory system that tracks and sustains

      supplies and capital equipment

    • familiarity with project management and clock-in/out software (i.e., Asana and


    • familiarity with using databases to enter, track, and retrieve information

    • ability to work closely and proactively with the different teams and members of our

      staff to prepare for various types of guest arrivals

    • a desire and capacity to learn the work (and keep up with the fast-pace changes to that

      work) of the various teams that fulfill Highlander’s mission

    • the ability to proactively engage and build rapport guest and other staff members

    • ability to meet multiple deadlines quickly and effectively


  • proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

  • familiarity with participatory models of organizational development, governance, and


  • comfort working in a rural setting

  • Speaking/writing abilities in language(s) other than English


    The Radical Hospitality Housekeeping Crew Member will be responsible directly to the Workshop Center Assistant, who is supervised by the Radical Hospitality Coordinator who is supervised by the Executive Director(s). They will serve on the Radical Hospitality team, which works most directly with the People & Place, Community Safety teams and in a mutually supportive relationship with the Education Team. Members of Highlander’s staff are expected to participate in regular team meetings, monthly staff & Board committee meetings, and three weekend-long Board meetings per year. Highlander is a highly participatory work place, and full-time staff are expected to serve on committees for hiring and other organizational projects. Working at Highlander provides ample opportunity for staff members to work both autonomously and interdependently across teams.


    This position’s salary is currently set at $38,548 (before taxes and other withholdings), which amounts to 75% of Highlander’s annual Level 1 salary. The position also includes a generous benefits package, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Tennessee) Health, Vision, and Dental coverage for employees and their dependents (currently, spouse/domestic partners may purchase Highlander benefits), TIAA-CREF employer-paid annual retirement contribution after a year of employment, a nominal life insurance plan, ample sick and vacation time, and holiday leave.

    This position is currently a part-time salaried position (scheduled between 20-30 hours/week minimum, including 5 paid break hours), and will include regular weekend and evening shifts. Due to the nature of this work, this position is a non-exempt position, which means it qualifies for overtime pay. Highlander staff are highly encouraged to take advantage of existing benefits to account for a fast-paced environment, weekend work, and travel. Other benefits currently include a generous staff development stipend.


    Highlander is located on 186 acres of land in rural East Tennessee (near Knoxville) and is considered a “movement home” by thousands of people from all over the world. Based on the nature of the position, we encourage applications from people who can commute daily to Highlander, work evenings and weekends, and respond to emergencies as they arise. We offer up to $1,000.00 in relocation reimbursements and, when available, temporary transitional housing.


Step 1: In one PDF document, compile:

  • cover letter,

  • resume/CV,

  • name & contact information for 3 references

Step 2: Email that PDF document to Write “Workshop Center Crew Member” in the Subject Line. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Optional: In addition to the required information above, you can send other application content that showcases your skills, interests, and experiences. Make sure to include any explanation needed of the content. The content can come in any form of media, which can include but is not limited to:

  • A Timeline of your work, life or experiences

  • A Video

  • A Powerpoint or other form of presentation

  • A Graphic design, Collage or sets of Pictures and Photographs

  • A Song, poem, or other writing samples

    Timeline: The application process will be open until position is filled. We hope to fill this position as soon as possible. Select applicants will receive an initial invitation to interview with the Workshop Center Crew. The final candidate(s) will be invited to a final interview with the wider Highlander staff.

    Highlander is an equal opportunity employer, and we especially encourage applications from Black, brown, and indigenous people, women, LGBTQ+ and gender variant/non-conforming folks, and working-class/cash poor people. Folks directly impacted by the criminal justice system are also encouraged to apply.


    If you have a question about the position before applying, please send it to and someone from the hiring committee will reply.