[Note: Actual title to be consistent with Highlander’s current titling structure is “Coordinator of People and Organizational Culture”] // [Nota: El título real para ser consistente con la estructura de cargos actual de Highlander es “Coordinadx de Personas y Cultura Organizacional”]

The Highlander Mission // La Misión de Highlander
Highlander serves as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the South. We work with people fighting for justice, equality and sustainability, supporting their efforts to take collective action to shape their own destiny. Through popular education, participatory research, and cultural work, we help create spaces — at our center and in local communities — where people gain knowledge, hope and courage, expanding their ideas of what is possible. We develop leadership and help create and support strong, democratic organizations that work for justice, equality, and sustainability in their own communities and that join with others to build broad movements for social, economic, and restorative environmental change. //
Highlander sirve como catalizador para las organizaciones de base y como desarrollador de movimientos en Appalachia y el sur. Trabajamos con personas que luchan por la justicia, la igualdad y la sostenibilidad, apoyando sus esfuerzos para emprender acciones colectivas y dar forma a su propio destino. A través de la educación popular, la investigación participativa y el trabajo cultural ayudamos a crear espacios — en nuestro centro y en las comunidades locales — donde las personas adquieren conocimiento, esperanza y coraje, ampliando sus ideas de lo que es posible. Desarrollamos liderazgo, ayudamos a crear y apoyar organizaciones fuertemente democráticas que trabajan por la justicia, la igualdad y la sostenibilidad de sus propias comunidades y que se unen a otras para construir amplios movimientos para el cambio ambiental, social, económico y reparador.

Overview: // Visión General:
The Human Resources Manager (“Coordinator of People and Organizational Culture”) will partner with all Highlander staff to create a positive, professional, and equitable work environment. This role is responsible for leading Human Resources functions and duties at the organizational level with a social justice-minded and people-centered approach. This includes developing policies and practices, supporting hiring processes, stewarding employee engagement, coordinating necessary training and development, administering benefits, ensuring safety and compliance, and supporting performance management, leadership development, and learning across the team in a way that centers Highlander’s values.

This role functions in a highly collaborative team of approximately 40 Highlander staff, would interact with close to 100 total employees of the organization (Highlander staff plus fiscal sponsorees), and would support the work of Highlander’s Personnel & Human Resources Board-level committee. This position will report to Co-Executive Director Allyn Maxfield-Steele. //

El Gerente de Recursos Humanos (“Coordinadx de Personas y Cultura Organizacional”) se relaciona con todo el personal de Highlander para crear un ambiente de trabajo positivo, profesional y equitativo. Este rol es responsable de dirigir las funciones y deberes de Recursos Humanos a nivel organizacional con un enfoque centrado en las personas y con mentalidad de justicia social. Esto incluye desarrollar políticas y prácticas, que respalden los procesos de contratación, guiando el compromiso de los empleados, coordinando la capacitación y desarrollos necesarios, administrar los beneficios, garantizar la seguridad y cumplimiento los procesos establecidos, respaldar la gestión del desempeño, el desarrollo del liderazgo y el aprendizaje en todo el equipo de una manera que centre los valores de Highlander.

Este rol funciona en un equipo altamente colaborativo de aproximadamente 40 empleados (Highlander) e interactúa con cerca de 100 empleados en total (personal de Highlander mas patrocinadores fiscales) apoya el trabajo del comité a nivel de la Junta de Personal y Recursos Humanos de Highlander. Esta posición dependerá de la Co-Directora Ejecutiva Allyn Maxfield-Steele.

Important notes about this role:
● In order to be consistent with Highlander’s titling structure, the actual title for this role will be “Coordinator of People and Organizational Culture.” The role is envisioned to approximate an HR Manager position, although it will have a “Coordinator” title. In Highlander’s culture and structure, “Coordinators” assume a management position at the organizational level.
● Highlander has experienced recent growth in size and complexity, necessitating a deeper and more strategic HR approach. We are looking for a candidate who first and foremost demonstrates cultural competency with Highlander’s communities and values (specified below) and is a strong match for supporting the team. The scope of responsibilities is intended to reflect the constellation of HR work at Highlander, but we do not expect one candidate to have demonstrated expertise and skills in all components, nor will the new hire be expected to fulfill 100% of the responsibilities of this role as it is currently scoped. This role will ultimately be shaped based on the skills and experiences the right candidate brings to the work, and Highlander is committed to the ongoing learning and growth of whoever fills this position.

Cultural Competence with Highlander’s Communities and Values
● Center racial and economic justice and specifically address anti-Blackness within organizational culture, structures and systems. This work uses an intersectional lens including but not limited to gender, age, TGNC, LGBTQI, and disability justice.
● Experience working in and/or managing teams with people from a variety of racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, educational, religious, sexual, gender, documentation and generational backgrounds.
● A demonstrated commitment to a range of social, racial, and economic justice issues including direct experience in social justice, organizing, and/or movement building organizations. Experience with racial justice centering anti-Blackness, inter-sectional analysis, TGNC, youth organizing, immigrant rights, disability justice, and/or LGBTQI movements.
● Shows up with kindness and strengths-based leadership; someone who sees value in every person and communicates respect and encouragement to people at all levels; exhibits a passionate investment in the well-being and success of staff and organizational partners.
● Approaches work from an organizational perspective with an understanding of how individual actions can impact the whole; can hold the complexity of the needs of an individual and the needs of the team
● Represents the mission, strategic plan, and work plan of Highlander in meetings, fieldwork and events where appropriate
● Good judgment to manage sensitive and confidential matters; high degree of personal integrity
● Keep constituents at the center of the work; maintain respectful interactions that support the development of individuals and groups
● Experience in and/or connections to the South and/or Appalachia
● Strong self-awareness, cultural competency, emotional intelligence, and humility; grounded and flexible with a high degree of integrity and transparency.
● Ability to adapt as needed, self-manage, and prioritize between and manage multiple demands.

Scope of Responsibilities for HR Manager:

People-Centered Processes
● Support team-building processes, creating organizational assessments and other broader tools to gauge employee engagement and morale
● Build transformative justice values, principles, and practices into incident response processes; review and revise processes to be more equitable, intentional, with clear boundaries
● Bring a trauma-informed and healing-oriented approach to the impact of work on staff and coordination of relevant wellness initiatives
● Work collaboratively with directors, coordinators and staff to support staff through workplace conflicts, grievances, or incidents as they arise
● Coordinate trainings (such as anti-harassment or anti-discrimination trainings) with an eye for inclusion, healing, and transformative justice values
● Coordinate the performance evaluation process, including evaluating its quality and effectiveness, and support leadership development and career paths within teams at the organizational level
● Develop and maintain a procedure for performance issues and attend to performance patterns with an eye for a people-centered, strengths-based, learning approach
● Train staff with management responsibilities on intentional, learning-oriented approaches to working with their staff.

Hiring & Personnel
● Hold a 360 degree view of organizational hiring processes and ensure equitable practices in collaboration with cross-team hiring committees. This includes:
○ Orienting and preparing each committee
○ Maintaining consistency across job descriptions and compensation
○ Posting jobs and helping to build diverse and innovative recruitment strategies
○ Enhancing interview rubrics for assessing organizational culture fit and streamlining them across committees/hires
○ Developing more holistic and values-based reference check processes
○ Coordinating on-boarding and off-boarding, including identifying the best exit interview process to collect meaningful feedback
● Work with the Personnel Committee to support equitable and consistent severance policies, collaborative resolution processes, processes for promotions, ways to propose new roles, and be a thought partner on fair and values-based pay structures; be a resource for effectively scaling the team in alignment with the organization’s strategic priorities and financial health
● Identify ways to track applicant, team, and organizational demographics as needed
● Maintain personnel files and consider ways to enhance and improve staff access to records and policies, such as through an HRIS
● Support accommodation requests as needed and develop consistent accommodation practices

● Lead benefits strategy through sourcing and coordinating with vendors, managing annual renewals, and exploring ways to enhance and expand benefits in alignment with the organization’s values and the team’s evolving needs
● Using newly developed automated systems to streamline benefits administration, equip staff with necessary paperwork, support with filing, and serve as the internal point person for questions about organizational benefits
● Work with Operations and Finance staff to support benefits administration and leave tracking as needed for payroll

Policies, Safety, & Compliance
● Support the integration of a trauma-informed and healing justice approach within the organizational culture, structures and systems; bottomline coordination for relevant wellness initiatives using these analyses
● Inform risk-management strategies for team and organizational well-being and identify ways to mitigate risk with support of Highlander’s insurance agent
● Work with the Personnel Committee to support the maintenance, development, and evaluation of all human resources practices and policies, including updating the employee handbook annually with an eye for compliance, consistency, transparency, and equity and clearly relaying and supporting staff in understanding HR policies
● Support the protection of the organization’s interests in accordance with human resource policies and, where appropriate, laws and regulations
● Maintain awareness and knowledge of labor laws and ensure staff are fully informed and equipped for safe practices; ensure required signage is present in workspaces
● Work with Community Safety Team to ensure required workplace safety inspections are held, documented appropriately, and that any safety and health programs are implemented
● Maintain records of workplace injuries – filing appropriate reports with OSHA, and state and local authorities, as required – and managing incident investigations on and off site
● In coordination with relevant staff, support the annual workers compensation audit and help staff with filing workers’ compensation requests if incidents occur

Required Skills, Experiences, and Understandings
● Experience with building and supporting just, equitable, and collaborative cultures, especially conflict resolution, healing justice, and transformative justice processes
● Previous HR experience, including:
○ An understanding of nonprofit personnel practices
○ An understanding of labor laws and health/safety inspection requirements
○ Understanding of how to hold a consistent organizational approach in navigating the way policies and processes translate across states with varying labor laws
○ Awareness of transformative justice practices and healing justice framework/approach
● Demonstrated experience managing people through the employee lifecycle
● Openness to receiving feedback and ability to directly and kindly deliver feedback with a “continuous learning” orientation
● Bilingual Spanish to English speaker and writer
● Be located within a half day’s commute (e.g., within a 3 hour drive) from Highlander
Desired Skills/Experiences
● Experience with collective bargaining and working with unions
● Experience working with fiscally sponsored projects

Time Commitment:
This position is exempt, with an average commitment of 40 hours per week required. Flexibility in arrival and departure time may be needed to support the work, including night and weekend work as needed. As exempt, this position is not entitled to overtime.

Compensation and Employee Benefits
This role is set as a Level 3 salary based on Highlander’s payscale, which in this fiscal year is currently set at an annual salary of $52,437.
Highlander actively seeks to provide comprehensive and expansive benefits to its employees. The current benefits package is approximately $8-$12k in value. Benefits include employer-funded comprehensive health (medical, dental, vision and HRA) for staff and dependents, a retirement fund with an employer contribution), staff development funds, generous annual holiday and vacation leave, sick and family leave, and a sabbatical program.

Highlander is located on 186 acres of land in rural East Tennessee (near Knoxville) and is considered a “movement home” by thousands of people from all over the world. Based on the nature of the position, we encourage applications from people who can commute daily to Highlander, work occasional evenings and weekends, and respond to emergencies as they arise. We offer up to $1,000.00 in relocation reimbursements and, if available, temporary transitional housing at Highlander.
We strongly encourage applicants from the area. Applicants who live in other areas but are open to working remotely to start and relocating when it is safe (post-pandemic) will also be considered.

Step 1: In one PDF document, please compile a tailored cover letter and your resume.
Step 2: Email that PDF document to apply@highlandercenter.org. Write “HR Manager” in the Subject Line. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Optional: In addition to the required information above, you can send other application content that showcases your skills, interests, and experiences. Make sure to include any explanation needed of the content. The content can come in any form of media, which can include but is not limited to:
• A Timeline of your work, life or experiences
• A Video
• A Powerpoint or other form of presentation
• A Graphic design, Collage or sets of Pictures and Photographs
• A Song, poem, or other writing samples

Timeline: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with a priority application deadline of March 30 for initial consideration. The application process will be open until the position is filled. We hope to fill this position as soon as possible, with an anticipated start date of May 2021. Select applicants will receive an initial invitation to interview with Highlander’s hiring committee. The final candidate(s) will receive an invitation to interview with the entire Highlander staff (virtually).

Highlander is an equal opportunity employer, and we especially encourage applications from Black, brown, and indigenous people, women, LGBTQ+ and gender variant/non-conforming folks, and working-class/cash poor people. Folks directly impacted by the criminal justice system are also encouraged to apply.