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Seeds of Fire








 This program has impacted thousands of young people (ages 13-17), young adults (18-35 and youth allies (ages 23 and up), bringing together emerging and experienced grassroots organizers and community leaders to build collective power and influence critical policy decision and practice shifts. We combine Highlander’s methodologies to collectively develop and implement strategies targeting the root causes and build inter-generational, cross-issue and cross-cultural connections and networks to organize and fight state sanctioned violence against low-income communities and communities of color, while building the next generation of youth leaders in our region. The components of the SOF includes the SOF camp, mini-camps, Living Legacy Tour, SOF Advisory Committee, Greensboro Justice Fellows, Stay Together Appalachian Youth (STAY), and Supporting Emerging Appalachian Leaders (SEAL).

Seeds of Fire Advisory Committee


We are looking for Southern and Appalachian youth, young adult and adult ally leaders to join the Seeds of Fire Advisory Committee, an intergenerational advisory committee to Highlander’s Seeds of Fire program.  The Advisory Committee aims to increase the input and direction of youth and young adults in the Seeds of Fire programs and the overall intergenerational work of the Highlander Center. The Advisory Committee also serves as staff for at least one Seeds of Fire programmatic event, determines grantees for the Seeds of Fire Fund (as money permits), and develops leadership and organizational development skills for members. Advisory Committee members MUST be past participants of Seeds of Fire camp.