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Coy Wakefield

Grant Administrator, Assistant to the Directors
Coy views the realm of social justice through a creative lens. She serves as the Grant Administrator of the We Shall Overcome Fund, which was created to nurture grassroots efforts within African American communities to use art and activism against injustice. She believes that art and activism intersect and create an entry point for otherwise marginalized people to engage in community organizing and build awareness. Coy uses cultural organizing, mainly through poetry and music, as a way to address socio-economic inequality, race relations and state sanctioned violence. She works collaboratively with various organizations and student groups in the ongoing stand against injustice on a local, national and global scale. Along with her Bachelor’s in Business Administration: Finance, she brings to Highlander her experience in facilitating financial literacy workshops, hosting diverse groups of people, and a broad range of digital media, communications, writing and business skills.