Economics & Governance Curriculum

We’re very excited to announce our Economics and Governance Curriculum that was inspired by the Citizenship Schools which were the underpinning of the Civil Right Movement.

Our curriculum emphasizes the history and connection of our economic and governance systems through a participatory community-based process. The first communities to test the curriculum include rural and urban community groups, unions, and cooperatives from Alabama, Boston, Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Tennessee. 

Highlander’s work with the US Solidarity Economy Network, the Center for Popular Economics, United for a Fair Economy, and our partnership with Beautiful Solutions have shaped this curriculum. We’d also like to recognize the contribution of 15 brilliant educator organizers, developers, and economists doing transformative economy and governance work in the South and beyond who helped create this process.

We are also a part of the Beautiful Solutions book project. The Beautiful Solutions website and book provide big ideas and real examples of amazing alternatives and projects from around the world to inspire and provide paths for creativity and vision. Highlander will lead training sessions and book launch events to broaden the reach for this work.