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Acompáñenos en celebrar 85 años de trabajo para la Justicia con toda la gente que lo ha hecho posible.

“¡El Sur Tiene Algo Que Decir!” son palabras del músico Andre 3000 parte del grupo Outkast, palabras dichas para atraer la atención del mundo de Hip Hop en 1995 durante los premios Source.

El viernes incluye un instituto Translocal que nos enseñara como grupos locales han ganado poder político y las maneras en que se puede construir colectivamente con participantes para un movimiento que mejora nuestras vidas y familias.

El sábado incluye la Historia de Highlander a las 9am y lo seguirá una bienvenida del personal. La Tarde incluye talleres sobre varios temas de Justicia Social. Después sigue la cena, con la fiesta de 85 años que incluye música del grupo Theorizt, una banda musical de hip-hop en Knoxville. También tendremos vendedores durante el almuerzo del sábado que incluye registración. Recibirá un boleto para una comida. Si gustan más boletos habrá la oportunidad para comprarlos directamente del vendedor. El domingo por la mañana incluye discusiones con autores activistas y sesiones culturales.

Para El Instituto Translocal del Viernes a las 10am, el costo es $85/por persona de una organización grande, $50/por persona de una organización pequeña, $35 por persona individual y $20 por estudiante. El costo por los dos días de Sábado y Domingo son de “pague lo que pueda” entre $85 a $385, $50 por el Sábado y $35 por el Domingo.

Los que se registren por anticipado y paguen por el fin de semana antes del 15 de Septiembre recibirán una camisa conmemorativa del 85 Aniversario. (Claro, también seguimos aceptando donaciones para apoyar el trabajo de Highlander!)

Estamos proveyendo cuidado de niños edades 5 a 12 y estaremos proveyéndolo de las 9am a las 4pm el viernes, 9am a las 5pm el sábado y 9am a las 12pm el domingo.

Espacio para campamento estará disponible por $15 la noche. Habrá oportunidades para ser voluntario que incluye el pago de su registración.

Si ha venido antes a Nuestro Aniversario, sabe que es el evento donde quiere estar cada Septiembre. ¡Nos veremos allí!

Hospedaje de Hotel Local. Simplemente pida por la tarifa del “Highlander Homecoming”

Hampton Inn Suites @ Stadium Drive 105 Stadium Drive, Kodak, TN 37764 (865) 465-0590  Kings $139
La Quinta Inn 2428 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Kodak, TN 37764 (865) 933-3339  $84
Holiday Inn 3526 Outdoor World Dr. Kodak, TN 37764 (865)933-0087  $139
Days Inn 3402 Winfield Dunn Pkwy, Kodak, TN 37764 (865) 465-9840  $54.99
Fairfield Inn 3620 Outdoor Sportsman Pl, Kodak, TN 37764 (865) 933-3033 $139
America’s Best 184 E Dumplin Valley, Kodak, TN 37764 (865) 933-2200 10 $69

Estamos localizados en:

Centro Highlander
1959 Highlander Way
New Market, TN 37820

Para más información en español, contacte a Esmeralda Baltazar al 865-360-4901 o por correo electrónico: [email protected]



UALE Women's Summer Labor School-July 20-23 2017


Click here to register

Come join women from across the South and Appalachia, from labor unions and non-traditional worker organizing groups to develop leadership skills and share strategies to strengthen worker organizing. 

People of color, people with disabilities, non-union workers organizing for justice, lesbian/bisexual and/or transgendered people, younger and older workers, recent immigrants, people from all faith traditions and economic class backgrounds are welcome. In our diversity, we build solidarity as workers and union members.

Cost for event (includes program, meals and lodging) is $500.00. We will be offering Spanish/English interpretation and child care will be available if needed.
For more information contact Susan Williams at Highlander Center: [email protected], 865-360-7042.

Job Announcement-Highlander Seeks Bookkeeper

Job Announcement

Highlander Seeks Bookkeeper

Organization Summary

The Highlander Research and Education Center is an 84 year old popular education center that works with grassroots groups in Appalachia and across the U.S. South to promote social and economic justice. Highlander’s long and proud history includes cutting edge work with labor education and organizing, the Civil Rights Movement, environmental justice in Appalachia, and more recently, the changing demographics of our region. Widely acclaimed as a leadership development center for grassroots activists across race, culture and generations, Highlander is world-renowned as a beacon for progressive organizing.

Overview of position:

This position will provide bookkeeping support to Highlander’s Staff. This is a full time position.

The Bookkeeper is a vital team member for accounting and technology work at Highlander. While providing the bookkeeping support that helps maintain well-functioning teams and organizational harmony, this position will also keep up Highlander up to date with the latest technology and also play a role in technology support for staff.

Primary responsibilities:

  • key all financial transactions into the computer fiscal database
  • maintain payroll records
  • maintain accounts payable and receivable records
  • entry of deposits and withdrawals into financial software
  • generate and process the following reports:

Balance Sheet

Income and Expense Statement

Departmental Income and Expense Statements as requested

Receivables reports and other needed administrative reports

  • distribute reports to appropriate staff
  • maintain compliance with and prepare all federal and state deposits and reports
  • prepare and distribute annual W-2 and 1099 forms
  • work closely with Administrator and outside auditor in preparing annual audit, and 990, 941 and solicitation permits for several states.
  • Follow established internal control procedures in all financial activities
  • Work with staff to develop and fine tune financial processes and procedures for control and information tracking


 Records Management

  • maintain files on utilities for HREC buildings and grounds
  • maintain files on HREC equipment and purchases
  • maintain vendor information files



  • research systems that benefit the organizational work flow
  • implement new systems and technologies
  • perform some technology services in collaboration with contracted IT professionals


Helpful skills and experience for this position:

  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Able to establish rapport with activists and community members in diverse ethnic, racial, social and economic groups
  • Computer savvy and willing to explore and utilize new technologies
  • Solid administrative skills
  • Time management ability and strong organizational skills
  • Strong nonprofit bookkeeping experience
  • Bi or Multi-Lingual is a plus

Expectations of all staff positions at Highlander:

  • Passionate about Highlander’s purpose and able to communicate our program work effectively.
  • Committed to racial, gender, economic, environmental and social justice.
  • Organized and able to balance multiple responsibilities with grace.
  • Be an active participant in a democratically participatory organization.
  • Keep Highlander’s purpose and the people with whom we work central.
  • Sense of humor welcome and most helpful.
  • High degree of honesty and integrity.

Salary and Benefits:

Highlander offers excellent pay and benefits including health insurance and generous paid time off.

To Apply: 

Send letter of interest, resume, and references to:  [email protected]  Deadline is extended to July 21.          



Black bodies are murdered every 28 hours in the U.S. Police officers are taking our people without judicial penalty. The prison system is largely privatized and depends on local and federal policies that criminalize, destabilize, and profit off of people of color. One in three Black men will be imprisoned in their lifetime according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and Black women are three times more likely to be incarcerated than White women. The South is a hotbed for escalated repressive social and legislative attacks, on people of color, women, immigrants and refugees, lesbigaytrans people, youth and working class people. Felony disenfranchisement and a surge of voter disenfranchisement laws overtly designed to keep people of color and the poor away from the polls are sweeping the south. Nearly every southern state has passed restrictive voting laws in the last few years. These attacks have mobilized cross sector and cross-issue organizing efforts to stop this repression, work for progressive policies and build alternative infrastructure. We will combine Highlander’s methodologies to collectively develop strategies targeting the root causes and build intergenerational, cross-issue and cross-cultural connections and networks to organize and fight state sanctioned violence against low-income communities and communities of color. Our long-term goals include among others, embarking on tours of the South to connect fights, struggles, and victories of people working in the 1950s-60s on voter registration, civil rights, immigration reform, and lesbigaytrans rights to the work of young people fighting against the same injustices, in the South, today.


This summer, we invite Southern and Appalachian youth-led and youth centered groups organizing for social change to join us on the 2017 Living Legacy Tour. This includes two young people (ages 13-18) and one adult ally (ages 19 and up) from each group to join us on this tour. If you are currently organizing to address these issues or are interested in learning and building support networks to organize in your community please apply to join us. This year’s tour will focus on the western most part of our Southern Region, Texas. We are looking for Southern and Appalachian youth and adult ally leaders to join the Third Annual Seeds of Fire Living Legacy tour, an intergenerational group that will be strategizing to address issues of state-based violence. Applications are due by May 26th. For more information call or email Esme Baltazar at 865-933-3443 ext.242 / [email protected].






Seeds-of-Fire-2017-Application English Group and Individual

Semillas-de-Fuego-2017-Applicacion Spanish Group and Individual

PLEASE NOTE: These applications links include:

  • A group application and
  • 3 individual applications (One for each person in your group. Each person must fill out an individual application!)

Please email or mail your application to: [email protected] or

Highlander Center
ATTN: Seeds of Fire
1959 Highlander Way
New Market, TN 37820

Once your application is submitted we will follow-up with a group interview and more details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Job Announcement-Workshop Center Staff

Workshop Center Part Time application< Click to apply

Organization Summary

The Highlander Research and Education Center is an 85-year-old popular education center that works with grassroots groups in Appalachia and across the South to promote social and economic justice. We are located 20 miles northeast of Knoxville, Tennessee, on a 186-acre farm and work in local communities as well. Highlander’s long and proud history includes cutting edge work with labor education and economic justice organizing, the Civil Rights Movement, environmental justice in Appalachia, and more recently, the changing demographics of our region and supporting youth and young adults working for social change.  


Overview of Position

This position is hourly and scheduled on an as-needed basis.

This person will be a member of Highlander’s Workshop Center Team.   This team works together to carry out the responsibilities of Highlander’s Workshop Center and other facilities at Highlander.

Duties Include:

  • Share in cooking and cleaning responsibilities to provide safe, efficient, clean and welcoming spaces at Highlander.
  • Help to plan and prepare workshop center meals, in order to serve a wide variety of healthful menus utilizing a maximum of fresh produce and a minimum of processed food.
  • Greet workshop participants and help them have the info they may need to get settled
  • Help in the garden  
  • Help to ensure the maximum usage of on-site organic garden as well as locally grown organic foods.
  • Share Highlander’s rich history and current work with visitors and workshop participants through workshop introductory sessions or leading tours.
  • Help with childcare services when needed
  • Participate in staff meetings and educational sessions, as requested


Helpful skills and experience for this position:


  • Cooking experience with groups a plus, willingness and interest will be considered.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to speak to groups.
  • Able to establish rapport with activists and community members in diverse ethnic, racial, social and economic groups.
  • Commitment to racial, gender, economic, environmental and social justice and civil and human rights.
  • Belief in Highlander mission and purpose.
  • Gardening interest helpful.


Start Date:

Highlander hopes to fill this position by June 5th.  Position will remain open until all spots are filled.


To Apply: 

Send resume and 3 references to:

Stephanie McAninch

Operations Coordinator/CFO

[email protected]

1959 Highlander Way

New Market, TN  37820

Women, people of color, and lesbigaytrans encouraged to apply.

Rage, Hope, and Community: Community Organizing in these Times: June 1-4, 2017

Click here to register. We are still accepting people be put on our waiting list as of Apr. 26. 

June 1-4, 2017  Come join Highlander and people from across the country for a Community Organizing Workshop. Recognizing both the powerful, creative acts of resistance and the great anxieties and fears moving in our communities, Highlander has been getting requests for such a training with lots of groups working to counter the many terrible attacks coming at people, families and communities. We know that together we can share ideas, strategy and hope, to strengthen what people do back home. Topics will include: outreach and base-building, analysis and strategy, campaigns and tactics, strengthening youth and intergenerational work; popular education in our organizing, and fundraising to support your group. This will be done popular education style, where we are all teachers and all learners. We will have open space for topics that come up that people want to dig in on. We encourage teams of two to come, so you can work together to take home what you learn. There will also be time for fun, relaxing, reflection and informal conversations with other participants.

DETAILS/COST: We have a sliding scale $450-700. Please give what you are able, in order to help us bring as many people as possible at this critical time. Cost includes lodging at Highlander and all meals.
Some partial scholarships are available – Give a scholarship if you are able! We are working to raise some funds or finding some sources to help get groups here. If you would like to give a scholarship for someone contact Susan Williams at [email protected], 865-360-7042.

We will start with lunch on Thursday, June 1st and finish up with lunch on Sunday, June 4. The workshop fee includes health meals and lodging. Apply with the on-line application form at www.highlandercenter.org; scholarship application follows the application form.
For more information, email Brandi Augustus at [email protected]
or Susan Williams at [email protected], 865-360-7042.

We Shall Overcome Fund Application due June 1, 2017

We Shall Overcome” served as the theme song of the Civil Rights Movement and is now a worldwide anthem for freedom and justice. Since 1966, the Highlander Research and Education Center has administered the We Shall Overcome Fund, which is generated by royalties from the commercial use of the song “We Shall Overcome.”

Upcoming Deadlines:  June 1, 2017 

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Important to make sure that proposals are received complete.
  • Letters of support must be signed and must have 3.
  • Budget must be submitted and explain use of all money being requested.
  • Contact info should include phone number and email address for person applying.

June 2017 application form for We Shall Overcome Fund

Send the original application and all supporting documents to:

We Shall Overcome Fund

Highlander Research and Education Center

1959 Highlander Way

New Market, TN 37820

Or send the original application and all supporting documents as one file in an e-mail to the WSO address at [email protected].

There’s also a final report to be mailed within one month after the completion of the project. Prompt submission of your report will assure the Committee’s favorable attention to future grant requests.


We shall Overcome Fund


Created to nurture grassroots efforts within African American communities to use art and activism against injustice, the We Shall Overcome Fund supports organizing in the South that is at the nexus of culture and social change.

Because of the song’s history and use in the primarily southern-based struggle against racism and injustice, African American communities must benefit from Fund-supported projects. We strongly encourage proposals from diverse racial and ethnic communities working in coalition to end racism, economic and environmental injustice, sexism and homophobia.

The We Shall Overcome Fund supports a wide range of projects including:

  • Performance and visual arts projects linked to or directly serving efforts that seek to transform unjust social, economic, and political environments/conditions/imbalances;
  • Workshops, conferences, and research projects that use arts and culture to build coalitions, share information, inspire, and mobilize people to take action;
  • Preservation of Civil Rights Movement documents; multi-media research projects that document and share the history of the Movement.

We Shall Overcome Fund support has been vital to the success of cultural and social programs in rural and urban communities throughout the South. Our funding provides critical support to initiate and sustain innovative efforts at the nexus of culture and social change.


  • Cultural Activists
  • Educators
  • Organizers
  • Organizations

For projects that use arts, culture and community activism to organize for social, economic, and political justice to the benefit of African American communities.

Requests are accepted from the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

  • Project funding not to exceed $2,000
  • To apply you must complete an application form.
  • Application Deadline: June 1 2017

Please Note: It can take up to 30 days after a deadline for applications to be processed and funding decisions to be made. Therefore, if your project/event will occur within 30 days of a deadline, you should apply during the previous grant cycle.


Contact:  Brandi Augustus
Phone: 865-360-8224 Email:  [email protected]


Scaling Up: Connecting Local Economies and People Power to a Just Regional Transition-May 17-18, 2017


The Highlander Center’s Appalachian Transition Fellowship program invites you to join the 2017 fellows, host communities, and folks from across Central Appalachia at this regional gathering May 17-18, 2017, in Benham, KY to share ideas, build relationships, and strategize together to advance a just economic transition in our region.

“Scaling Up: Connecting Local Economies and People Power to a Just Regional Transition” will convene folks from across Central Appalachia to share local, community-led efforts that are shifting economies and power to the people; to map our communities and our work across issue, states, and the region to identify collaborative opportunities; and to share, strategize, and network with fellows, hosts, and other folks who are doing great work in Appalachia.

To register, go to www.appfellows.org/2017-regional-gatherings/

For more info contact Elizabeth Wright at [email protected] or 865-548-3630.



Meet and Greet with Highlander's Co-Directors

Come join us on April 28th from 6-8pm to meet our new Highlander co-directors Ash-Lee Henderson and Allyn Maxfield-Steele at East Tennessee PBS located in East Knoxville. This is an appreciation gathering and a chance for the local community to strengthen current relationships and build new ones. That day will also be an opportunity for you to share your Highlander stories to celebrate our historic 85th Anniversary.

You can RSVP to Andre Canty at [email protected] or 865-360-7321

Volunteer gardening day at Highlander on Saturday, April 1 10 am

Please join the Good Karma Gardening Circle (GKGC) for a volunteer gardening day at Highlander on Saturday, April 1, from 10 am., to help prepare Highlander’s gardens for the spring and summer activities.

Activities will include: weeding, pruning, planting, clearing plant debris, digging, and mulching. Please bring gloves and gardening tools if you have them.  There will also be good conversation and beautiful views of the Smokies. Lunch will be provided courtesy of Highlander.

You can come any time, for a short or long period!  It would help, though, if you could let us know if and when you might be coming. If you will be joining us for lunch, be sure to RSVP so we know how many people to expect.

Donations of low-maintenance native plants would be appreciated. Highlander is tax-exempt, so all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

For more information, or to RSVP, contact, or Rosalind Hackett at [email protected] or 646-284-2729. Please share the invitation with anyone who might be interested!

Directions to Highlander are available online at www.highlandercenter.org/a-directions.asp. If you haven’t been to Highlander before, please be sure to print out the directions. It can be difficult without them.

If you arrive at Highlander in the morning, drive up the hill to the office, the first building on the right. If you arrive between 12:30 and 1:00, drive up the hill past the office to the Workshop Center, park in the parking lot, and come into the dining room. If you arrive after 1:00, drive past the office and the Workshop Center, continue through the parking lot, and bear right at the fork to the Horton House at the very top of the hill.

Thanks and best wishes, Rosalind I. J. Hackett and Charlie Biggs on behalf of the Good Karma Gardening Circle